Become a more successful trader with Sage and our fully automated trading strategies for Gold, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
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We provide the education, software and strategies that increase your ability to make money trading. You can link your broker account, choose the strategies that suit you and be auto-trading within minutes.

Fund Management

We understand why so many traders lose money due to lack of proven strategies, mismanagement of risk and emotional behaviors that restricts both ability and consistency.

This is why we have decided to release some of our professionally crafted strategies with the education and software to provide our customers with the options to copy proven strategies, manage risk and remove emotion with relative ease.

Professional Trade Strategies

You will get access to our strategies, educational member's area and social trading platform. Hosted in the cloud 24/7 without the hassle of a VPS, allowing you to choose strategies, manage risk, monitor performance and copy our trades all from our professional dashboard.

We have 18 trading strategies available across Bitcoin, Ethereum and Gold.

Benefit from 
higher returns for 
your risk!

If you missed it. Watch Nathan Sage, from Sage Capital explain how you can become a more successful trader with Sage and our fully automated trading strategies for gold, bitcoin and ethereum.

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