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Performance End June 2021

Its been the worst performing quarter since 2018 for crypto. Whilst the markets have lost 65% of their value, our strategies made money. This video provides the detail. 

Performance End May 2021

Turbulent times, with cryptos losing 65% of there value. Some customer made  money through this period others lost a few %. Again, this has demonstrated excellent risk management and liquidity.

Crypto Market Review June 1st and Alt Coins to watch

Markets dropped! Why, what's next and what to trade. Broadcast on TradingNut TV. 

Performance End April 2021

Solid month delivering profit and managing risk in the most volatile markets. We now have some of the best liquidity pools from 12 providers aggregated in to one platform to get you the best fills and capture each trade.

Secret Indicators to help read the crypto market - Tradingnut

Recent broadcast on TradingNut looking at the crypto markets and at some of the highly powerful but less known ways to read the market. Recorded on 28th April 2021 with the Ethereum prediction being absolutely on target

Market overview March/April 2021

March was a bad month for many traders. It relates to uncertainty in the market, stimulus, and Covid. However, is it actually just a normal seasonal cycle? This video explores this in more detail

Live trade update  for end March 2021

Performance update for March 2021, although we took some small losses this month we are still tracking at +100% annual return.

Strategy Improvements (April 2021)

Strategy Development and Innovation. What is Sage Capital doing to further improve performance?

Live trade update for End Feb 2021

Another solid month with most benefiting from >8% return for the month depending on risk. This video shares the live track and reviews the top and bottom performing strategies to see both opportunity and good risk management in action.

The hidden value of trading with Sage Strategies

The hidden value of trading with Sage Strategies. It isn't just about great strategies, professional risk management and education. We have created a value chain where everyone benefits. Delivering the best prices, liquidity and lowest costs to help you make money.

Live trade update for Mid- Feb 2021

Short video review of our current strategy performance and portfolios. The video provides insight in to our top and bottom performers, demonstrating how even when we trade highly volatile assets drawdowns can be managed well. Good start to February!

Live trade update for January 2021

We performed well in January again, demonstrating solid performance every month now. With the introduction of our new portfolios we are excited about February trading.

4 New Portfolios Added

Introducing 4 new strategy combinations that provide excellent reward to risk. These have been live traded since October and are showing promising results.

Click here to see live track on Zeus, Apollo, Athena and Ares

Live trade update End December 2020

This video summarises the performance for December 2020 and considers the best performing strategies for this period and of all time.

TradingNut interview

Cam Hawkins from TradingNut interviews Nathan Sage on how he has turned his discretionary trading strategies in to automated algorithms that are now available for anyone to use. It provides the back story on Sage Capital and delivers some great insight in to trading.

Explore, Adventurer & Pioneer Launched

This video explains the benefit of mixing strategies and choosing a portfolio based on your risk profile. It explains the detail behind the new Explorer, Adventurer and Pioneer portfolios.

Live trade update 18 December 2020

The video explores the solid performance in the first two weeks of the December with accounts up from 10 - 45% depending on risk profile. The video breaks the detail down and provides a teaser into 3 new portfolio products launching soon.

Live trade update November 2020

The video runs through the live performance from November 2020. It includes a review of each portfolio and the best performing strategy combination for the month. Low-risk portfolios delivered on average 12.5% with some hitting 27% for this month.

Update on Order Placement Strategy

We use pending orders to enter the market to get the best price and keep costs down. This is a non-aggressive strategy that  brokers and liquidity providers favour, meaning we get better fills. This video explains what this means.

How do we create our strategies?

This video is an introduction on how we create our strategies and why they are different to many others due to our proprietary methods and rigorous testing. In the member's area, we follow on with 8 part video series on how to read performance reports and create your portfolio for success.

Basic video on what is trading?

The video considers the basics of what is trading. It explains how the markets move, how to trade, common mistakes and how to make money.

Benefit from higher reward for risk

You will get access to our strategies, educational member's area and social trading platform. Hosted in the cloud 24/7 without the hassle of a VPS, allowing you to choose strategies, manage risk, monitor performance and copy our trades all from our professional dashboard.

We have 25 trading strategies available across Bitcoin and Gold

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